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After spending more than a decade in consulting, serving various Fortune 500 companies to resolve their business problems, I joined the best tech company in the entire world to pursue my dream: make privacy a reality for everyone and help everyone feel safe to share their information online!

Through these years, I've managed budgets, teams, and sales targets my entire career. I've transformed businesses and developed direct reports to promotion. I've been relocated between states and countries for jobs, and I know just how disruptive that can be.  

I bring all this experience to my practice. I've walked in your shoes, and I’m a more effective coach because I can apply specific insights and empathy to your situation. Therefore, I founded Mental Fitness Coaching with one goal in mind: help you be the very best you can be and inspire and champion you.

My goal is to get you to do things beyond what you thought you could do, break through what may hold you back from manifesting you dream, and challenges you to focus time on what you want to do and who you want to become. 

Most importantly, with my help, you will achieve all of these while having FUN!  

When not coaching people, teams or leaders you will find me with my family, friends, reading, hiking, doing improv shows, attempting stand-up comedy, or teaching cyber security as an adjunct professor at Florida State University. I completed hiking Kilimanjaro recently in 2021 and am planning to climb Everest in the future.



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